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Annual Number of Sanitary Sewer Overflows events from Metro Vancouver sewers





<div class="ExternalClassFB0FAED9FCC84FB5949DD1B8161A85FD"><p>The sanitary sewer system should not experience overflows during wet weather. However, some sanitary sewers overflow during heavy rains when excessive amounts of rainwater or groundwater enter the sewer system. Metro Vancouver relies on its municipal members to monitor and maintain their sewers and connections to keep excessive amounts of rainwater and groundwater out of the sanitary sewer system. Year-to-year changes in the number of overflows is a result of both the amount and intensity of rainfall, as well as the success of municipal sewer maintenance efforts that target rainwater inflow and groundwater infiltration.</p></div>Annual Number of Sanitary Sewer Overflows events from Metro Vancouver Sewers



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