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Rent-Geared-to-Income Units





<div class="ExternalClassE7EA7D29343C4B21B37115A3C35C6A9C"><p>Metro Vancouver Housing provides mixed-income affordable housing. This includes a mix of rent-geared-to-income, in which the rent is not greater than 30% of the tenant household’s gross income; the remainder is provided at low-end-of-market rents, which is approximately 10-20% below market rents.</p><p>This indicator shows the percentage of Metro Vancouver Housing units that are rent-geared-to-income; the annual performance objective is for 34% of all units to be rent-geared-to-income.</p></div>Rent-Geared-to-Income Units


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<div class="ExternalClass6423AF3EE81540CE8379BBB83D40DB4A"><p>rented to RGI tenants<br></p></div>30.8%of units241Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation

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