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Financial Services: Debt service costs / total revenue





<div class="ExternalClass10E44D3B37AC422ABC8AFBA774096C26"><p>Debt service costs / total revenue is the percentage of revenue committed to payment of interest and principal on temporary and long-term debt for the regional, sewer, solid waste and water operations. </p><p>A high percentage indicates greater use of revenues for the repayment of debt, and less ability to adjust to unplanned events and changing circumstances. For entities governed by the Local Government Act and the Community Charter, the province sets an upper threshold of 25%.</p></div>Financial Services: Debt Service Costs / Total Revenue

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<div class="ExternalClass0F805E6AE28642939F354E70174CEE14"><p>are debt service costs<br></p></div>19.6%of total revenue156Financial Services

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