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Per capita regional greenhouse gas emissions





<div class="ExternalClass8AE808D73EEF4215A56AF8EF2CBBBCE6"><p>This performance indicator shows per capita GHG emissions in the Metro Vancouver region. It is based on the 2015 Emission Inventory and Forecast for the Metro Vancouver region. Major sources of regional greenhouse gas emissions include vehicles, buildings, and industrial activities.<br></p><p>For 2020, per capita GHG emissions were 5.38 tonnes/person, which is a 15% reduction from the 2010 level of 6.32 tonnes/person. The per capita GHG performance objective shown for 2021 is based on the Board-adopted target for a 45% reduction in total regional GHG emissions b​y 2030, compared to a 2010 baseline. </p><p>Metro Vancouver's <a href="/services/air-quality-climate-action/climate-2050" target="_blank"> Climate 2050 Strategy</a> supports pursuing a carbon neutral region by 2050.​<br></p></div>Per Capita Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions​​




<div class="ExternalClassC215742FA11E4CE3920548615A059E45"><p>per capita for the Metro Vancouver region<br></p></div>5.2tonnes CO2e78Air Quality

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