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Corporate greenhouse gas emissions


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<div class="ExternalClass3D24CCB24600438F95DF2A9E0D8F7216"><p></p><p></p><p>This performance indicator shows Metro Vancouver's corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use in tonnes of CO<sub>2</sub> equivalent (CO<sub>2</sub>e). Metro Vancouver uses energy in the form of electricity, fossil and renewable natural gas, and mobile fuels such as gasoline and diesel, to power its facilities and operations, and deliver essential services to a growing region of 2.8 million residents. Metro Vancouver has a Corporate Energy Management Program aimed at reducing GHG emissions from its operations by improving energy efficiency, recovering waste energy, and transitioning to lower-carbon energy sources.</p><p>In 2022, Metro Vancouver's total corporate energy related GHG emissions were 28,048 tonnes CO<sub>2</sub>e. See Metro Vancouver's most recent Corporate Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management Report <a href="/services/air-quality-climate-action/Documents/annual-corporate-energy-and-greenhouse-gas-emissions-management-report-2018-2022.pdf">here</a>.</p><p>In addition to GHG emissions originating from corporate energy use, Metro Vancouver's GHG emissions also include other emissions from solid waste and liquid waste facilities.</p><p>Metro Vancouver is working to reduce GHG emissions from the organization's own activities. For example, staff are incorporating electric vehicles in the corporate fleet, switching to lower-carbon fuel sources in our operations, and implementing deep energy retrofits at corporate facilities. Metro Vancouver is also working on projects to reduce or avoid GHG emissions, including protecting forests, restoring ecosystems, capturing and reusing gases otherwise released from landfills, and reducing solid waste.​<br></p></div>Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions​





<div class="ExternalClass3DB63548E84C490A848D6E94961103DE"><p>total energy-related emissions<br></p></div>28,048tonnes CO2e78Air Quality

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