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Metro Vancouver’s Board Chair and Vice Chair Acclaimed for Second TermMetro Vancouver’s Board Chair and Vice Chair Acclaimed for Second Term<div class="ExternalClass92675D813C58484A8F08FD8EFED56BE3"><p>Delta Mayor George V. Harvie and Anmore Mayor John McEwen have been acclaimed for a second term as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of Metro Vancouver's Board of Directors.</p><p>Chair Harvie and Vice Chair McEwen also oversee the Greater Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District, Greater Vancouver Water District, and Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation boards. They are elected for a one-year term.</p><p>Metro Vancouver provides core regional services to 21 municipalities, Tsawwassen First Nation, and Electoral Area A, serving more than 2.8 million residents. Metro Vancouver plans for and delivers regional utility services, including water, sewers and wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. It also regulates air quality, plans for urban growth, manages a regional parks system, provides affordable housing, and serves as a regional federation.</p><p>The regional district is governed by a 41-person <a href="/boards/board-members">Board of Directors</a> made up of elected officials from each member jurisdiction. Directors are appointed by their respective councils, except for Electoral Area A, where the director is elected directly by residents. The number of directors from each member jurisdiction reflects its population, and each director is allocated one vote for every 20,000 people, up to a maximum of five votes.</p><p>In the coming weeks, Chair Harvie will determine the standing committees and their membership, which will then consider priorities, policies, and activities for the organization, and make recommendations to the Board, which meets once a month.</p><p>Chair Harvie's biography is posted on the <a href="">City of Delta website</a>.</p><p>Vice Chair McEwen's biography is posted on the <a href="">Village of Anmore website</a>. </p><p>A full  list of 2024 Metro Vancouver Board members and their vote allocations can be found here: <a href="/boards/board-members"></a><br><br></p></div>11/24/2023 8:00:00 AM, PDFMetro Vancouver Media

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