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Clothing rental offers sustainable and affordable access to higher end clothing.​

Most of us have probably rented a dress or suit at some point for a wedding, senior prom, or other special occasion. Renting clothes is certainly not a new concept. But the rental clothing market is a growing trend, and while traditional rental options are still available, more and more companies are popping up with some really cool innovative models.

Rental options
  1. Traditional. Find a rental company. View their inventory online or visit the store. Find a fit. Rent it, return it. Easy-peasy. A tried, tested and true model.
  2. Clothing libraries. With a membership you get access to a full “closet” of high end or vintage clothes to choose from, and some even let you loan out your own clothes for rental through the library. These exist in both online and physical shop form. Simply set up an account. Check out the clothes, then check them out (like a library book). Keep what you want to purchase or return them when you’re done.
  3. Online rentals. Similar to rental libraries, but all online. Sign up and set up a “style” profile. Based on your membership plan, a new “pack” of clothes will be sent to you periodically based on your sizes, preferences, weather and other feedback. Wear them as long as you like, keep and buy what you want to and send back the rest.
  4. Peer-to-peer. This model allows loaners and renters to send garments directly, without a warehouse or online library as a go-between. Become a member, post your clothing items for rent to earn money from your existing wardrobe, and gain access to thousands of garments listed to the site.

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