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It's easy to create Superhabits at home, at work, and on the go.

Superhabits are the everyday actions we take to reduce single-use items. Every Superhabit starts with one small step. Find tips to get started on the pages below.​


Unlock Your Sup​erpower

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools

Make sure that you have an adequate supply of reusable items such as bags, travel mugs, containers, utensils, and napkins.

Choose reusable items that you'll actually use. Look for cups and containers that seal tightly (so they won't spill or leak in your bag), are easy to clean, and are easy to store.

Pick reusable items that you actually like using. There are many great designs available, whether you like sleek neutrals or a splash of colour.

Step 2: Watch for Signals

Even superheroes need reminders sometimes. If you tend to find yourself without reusable items when you need them, start using small cues to help you remember. Set a reminder in your phone, put a sticky note on the door, store your reusable mug with your keys, hang reusable bags on the doorknob, or keep your reusable utensils and straw in your bag.

Step 3: Embrace Your Power

You can say no to single-use items when they are offered. But so often, we receive single-use items without being given the choice. You can proactively decline single-use items when making a purchase. Tell the cashier that you brought your own bags before they start putting your purchases in single-use bags. When placing an order, if the server asks, "Is that everything?" reply, "Please don't include any single-use items with my order." Make "No straw please, I brought my own" your mantra.

Step 4: Create a Superhero Alliance

Combining powers will make you stronger! Ask your friends and family to help you on your quest to reduce single-use items. And in turn, help your community learn Superhabits. Find ways to cel​ebrate t​he superheroes in your life who reduce single-use, and share on social using the hashtag #WhatsYourSuperhabit.

Our small daily routines will save the day.

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