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Single-Use Item Reduction

It is no secret that single-use item reduction is an important issue in our region. I​​n 2022, 1.3 billion single-use items were disposed in the Metro Vancouver region. That is equivalent to 480 items per person per year! 1.5 million cups and straws are disposed in the region per day.

Single-use items have a lasting impact on our environment long after being used for a short period of time. Single-use item​s cost taxpayers millions annually to collect from public spaces, take up valuable space in landfills, are commonly found in marine litter, and are not commonly reused or recycled. They take significant amount of resources to produce, which contributes to climate change. Metro Vancouver’s Board Strategic Plan calls for actions that will reduce the amount of litter and waste that members manage. This includes working with members, the provincial government, and the federal government on strategies to reduce single-use items and other consumer products.

Across Canada, all levels of government are taking action to reduce single-use items. Metro Vancouver emphasizes reduction and reuse over recycling and disposal. This approach is most effective at preventing litter, protecting our oceans, reducing street collection costs and reducing resources needed to produce single-use items. 

​​Learn more about single-use item reduction in Metro Vancouver

The “What’s Your Superhabit?” campaign supports single-use item reduction across Metro Vancouver.

It celebrates the everyday actions residents take to reduce single-use items.

​A​ccessibili​ty Is Essential

In some cases, single-use items may be necessary to meet accessibility needs.

Flexible plastic straws meet the widest range of accessibility needs and are an important tool for people who are unable to drink without them or find it challenging. These straws help people consume beverages safely and comfortably. It is paramount that flexible plastic straws continue to be provided to those who require them and that they remain readily available at restaurants and vendors.

If you do not require a plastic straw as an accessibility tool, please do not ask for one or use one.

 Read more about plastic straws and accessibility​.

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