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What's your Superhabit?​

Nearly all of us own reusable items — bags, cups, containers, straws, and utensils — but we often forget to use them.

Metro Vancouverites dispose of 1.3 billion single-use items per year. That's 480 per person! Single-use items are used for a short time, but they have a lasting impact on our environment.

The small actions that you take to reduce single-use items make you an everyday superhero.

Try one of these tricks to remember your reusables and start a Superhabit today:​

  • ​​L​eave your reusable items with your keys​

  • ​​Put a sticky note near the door

  • ​​​​Create a song or rhyme that to sing every time you leave the house (phone, wallet, keys, cup!)

  • ​Use an app to set a reminder based on the time of day or your location​

  • ​​​​Make a checklist for packing your work or school bag​

Explore Superhabits from around the region: #WhatsYourSuperhabit

Our small daily routines will save the day.

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