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Indoor Water Tips


The average home in BC has a handful of appliances that use water on a daily basis. By adopting a few simple changes with how you use your appliances can make a significant reduction in the amount of water you use, often without making any real compromise to your routine.




<div class="ExternalClassF5235E691F4240DEAB135D6943D0418A"> <strong>Running a full load of laundry</strong> uses less water than two half loads. Even with an efficient washer, one load a day uses 340 litres per week. Re-use towels throughout the week, hold off on washing jeans, and wait to run a full load.​ </div>, Full laundry
<div class="ExternalClass38A5A78095184BDBA487D6C3887B8507"><p>A <strong>normal wash setting</strong> is often enough to get our clothes clean. Permanent press, heavy-duty soil settings and extra-rinse cycles use more water. Select the shortest laundry cycle setting for items that are only lightly soiled.<br></p></div>, Less laundry
<div class="ExternalClassD4C3063CDA6A49598E1B3380E73522B1"><p> <strong>Fill </strong>the washer, but<strong> don't jam it</strong>. Items must still move freely in the water and detergent to break up dirt. Leave a hand's width of space between the top of the drum and your clothes in a top-loading machine. Load your clothes to the top of the clear door in a front loader.<br></p></div>, Overload
<div class="ExternalClass3631C81A1B8B4654AC87803294EBE744"> <strong>Pre-treat stains</strong> and heavily soiled clothing right away, so they won't need to be washed twice. </div>, Pretreat

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