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Indoor Water Tips


The average home in BC has a handful of appliances that use water on a daily basis. By adopting a few simple changes with how you use your appliances can make a significant reduction in the amount of water you use, often without making any real compromise to your routine.



<div class="ExternalClassA8729566ADB94E78A7D822C6FDFC8EB0"><p>Using fewer dishes throughout the day means fewer dishes to wash. Re-use water glasses and double-up on dishes used for preparing meals.<br></p></div>, Favorite Glass
<div class="ExternalClass3692B6B733FB42929CBC9D968966ED71"><p> Dishwasher settings such as 'eco' or 'quick wash' work just fine for most loads and use less water. Settings like 'heavy wash' use more water.<br></p></div>, Check Diswasher Settings
<div class="ExternalClass7B2AB6C8A14743BF8F1D3128A4F94D87"><p> <strong>Hand wash </strong>large pots and bowls to free up space for a full load in the dishwasher.<br></p></div>, Handwash Pots
<div class="ExternalClass49C3A2D226BC46D08793C9F7669ADEB3"><p><strong>Pre-rinsing dishes isn't necessary</strong> with today's dishwashers, and uses a lot of water. Just wipe remaining food into the compost.<br></p></div>, Dishwasher Use less
<div class="ExternalClass28F3C62DBA50444C928EEB792FC03E89"> <strong>Defrost food overnight </strong>in the fridge instead of thawing it under running water that ends up down the drain. </div>, Frozen foods
<div class="ExternalClassC5F995AD7DBB4C9299B44F8844ECF89A"> Kitchen sink <strong>food grinders require clean water</strong> to flush food scraps down the drain. Instead, compost your food scraps to be used in landscaping. </div>, Compost kitchen scraps
<div class="ExternalClassB06D75FEF9F94353A0BD01FC47AEFCBC"> Keep a pitcher of<strong> drinking water in the fridge</strong> instead of running the tap until the water cools. </div>, Pitcher
<div class="ExternalClassFF33A6B1720B46A4892404034E1D0926"> <strong>Running full loads in the dishwasher</strong> uses less water than handwashing. The average cycle uses 23 litres of water no matter how many dishes are inside, so wait until you have a full​ load to run.​<br></div>, Full Dishwasher
<div class="ExternalClass433AFFA8EF7F42ED84AE1890CC3DCD64"> Save the water from<strong> rinsing fruit and vegetables</strong> and use to water house or garden plants.</div>, Rinsing Fruit
<div class="ExternalClass6F01419B6C3642D5BC96AC781FB61FB6"> <strong>Don’t let the water run</strong> when washing dishes in the sink. Fill one side with water for washing and another for rinsing. </div>, washing dishes

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