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Industry and Business


​Metro Vancouver’s small but diverse manufacturing sector includes cement production, food processing, metal fabrication, chemical manufacturing, forest products, petroleum refining and construction. Combined, these industries contribute 23% of the region’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Local governments have been active in climate action for twenty years, but we need to do more. Metro Vancouver is working with residents, municipalities, and other partners to develop a roadmap for climate action for industry in this region.

Looking for more de​tail on our industry and business ​strategies?

Download the ​Climate 2050 Industry and Business​ Roadmap​

What you will find in this draft Roadmap

The region’s diverse manufacturing and construction industries contribute to our local economy, providing jobs to residents and products to supply chains and consumers. Producing food, forest products, cement, metal, refined petroleum, and buildings generates greenhouse gases and other emissions. But having industrial activity in the region also provides the opportunity to reduce its contribution to climate change.

Regional sources of industrial emissions produce 25% of greenhouse gases as well as 45% of fine particulate matter and 62% of volatile organic compounds. These emissions are produced by the burning of fuel, consumer product off-gassing, and chemical and food manufacturing processes. Wind-blown particulates and equipment leakage contribute fugitive emissions, and some industrial emissions have odours. To increase our resilience, we need to accelerate our climate actions to reduce air contaminants and progress towards carbon neutral industrial operations.

We created a roadmap to help us reach a low-carbon, resilient future. By 2050, we can increase the use of low-emission technologies and transition to clean, renewable energy sources. We can set more stringent emission standards and improve product formulation and manufacturing processes. And we can strengthen industrial infrastructure and operations against climate hazards.​

Industry is one of Metro Vancouver’s ten Climate 2050 priorities.



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