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Regional Priorities


​Metro Vancouver's Climate 2050 strategy reflects climate issues specific to the Metro Vancouver region. Some issue areas largely respond to our changing climate, others largely reduce GHG emissions, and most do both. Explore this content to better understand the impacts and opportunities in this region to both prepare for change and reduce emissions. Find data, actions already occurring in this region, priorities to accelerate action and updates on the roadmaps that will outline this region's path to change.​



Climate 2050 Strategic Framework, Climate 2050 Strategic FrameworkClimate 2050 Strategic Framework
Climate 2050 Engagement, Climate 2050 Engagement Climate 2050 Engagement



Nature and Ecosytems, Nature and EcosytemsNature and Ecosytems, Naure and Ecosystems icon
Water and Wastewater Infrastructure, Water and Wastewater InfrastructureWater and Wastewater Infrastructure, Water and Wastewater icon
Human Health and Well-Being, Human Health and Well-BeingHuman Health and Well-Being, Human Health icon
Buildings, BuildingsBuildings, Buildings icon
Transportation, TransportationTransportation, Transportation icon
Industry and Business, Industry and BusinessIndustry and Business, Industry and Business icon
Energy, EnergyEnergy, Energy icon
Land Use and Urban Form, Land Use and Urban FormLand Use and Urban Form, Land use icon
Agriculture, AgricultureAgriculture, Industry icon
Waste, WasteWaste, Waste icon


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