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Climate 2050


​​ Join the Conversation on Transportation and Climate Action​​​
Register for an upcoming public dialogue:
  • May 28, 2024 (noon to 1:30 pm) – Surrey​
  • May 30, 2024 (7:30 am to 9:00 am) – Vancouver
  • June 6, 2024 (noon to 1:00 pm) – Webinar
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​A climate strategy for the Metro Vancouver region

​Metro Vancouver’s Climate 2050 is a strategy that will guide climate change policy and action for Metro Vancouver for the next 30 years. The strategy addresses adaptation (responding to climate impacts) and mitigation (reducing GHG emissions), both of which are necessary complements in addressing climate change.​

Bold leadership in responding to climate change

  • ​​Infrastructure, ecosystems, and communities resilient to the impacts of climate change
  • Target a 45% reduction in emissions from 2010 levels, by 2030
  • Carbon neutral region by 2050​​​​​​



Learn about Climate Change, Learn about Climate ChangeLearn about Climate Change, Watershed snow pack
About Climate 2050, About Climate 2050About Climate 2050, About Climate 2050
Roadmaps and Discussion Papers, Road maps and discussion papersRoadmaps and Discussion Papers, Roadmaps and Discussion Papers




​ Initiati​ves​

Metro Vancouver and municipal governments around this region have been taking action on climate for twenty years. Find local examples of leading policies, infrastructure and​ good choices for a better future below.



Climate Action Dialogues, Climate Action DialoguesClimate Action Dialogues<div class="ExternalClass020267DAB9DF4620A6D81B971BE9D2EF"><p>Metro Vancouver’s Climate Action Dialogues are designed to engage residents and opinion leaders in the steps and pace needed to move forward on climate action in this region. ​The next Dialogues will be in fall 2023 on decarbonizing buildings and economic opportunities.</p></div>, Climate Action Dialogues
Corporate Climate Action, Corporate Climate ActionCorporate Climate Action<div class="ExternalClass39D3AEE229644A14878660366CBB6621"><p>Metro Vancouver has committed to reduce the emissions from its own operations and activities, as out​lined in the Clean Air Plan and Climate 2050.​<br></p></div>, Corporate Climate Action
Zero Emissions Innovation Centre, Zero Emissions Innovation CentreZero Emissions Innovation Centre<div class="ExternalClass10946652C87B472F81FF019A4A64BF3F"><p>This new Vancouver-based innovation centre (one of seven nationally) will advance climate action in green buildings, renewable energy, and transportation.</p></div>, Zero Emissions Innovation Centre
Climate Atlas of Canada, Climate Atlas of CanadaClimate Atlas of Canada<div class="ExternalClass78F6A1C21094483FB8C7785506A1B638"><p>The Climate Atlas of Canada is a resource for Canadians seeking information about climate change and its national, regional, and local impacts.​<br></p></div>, Climate Atlas


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