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What else you can do


​Once microfibres leave your washing machine they are harder to collect at wastewater treatment plants. It’s better to deal with microfibres at the source: the washing machine.​



Wash in coldWash in cold<div class="ExternalClass08C1FB7CBBE642BB89DF2C94D122F8AD">If you do only one thing, wash in cold. Washing in cold on shorter cycles reduces microfibre shedding by up to 50% and helps clothes last longer. <br>​<br></div>, Wash in cold
Wear clothes more times between washesWear clothes more times between washes<div class="ExternalClass51B1846FCA124D9D9359DC5580796EF2"><p>Less washing = fewer microfibres shed.​<br></p></div>, Wear clothes more times between washes
Spot cleanSpot clean<div class="ExternalClass0D457333AC124898BDFD8D44F2A155A2">Skip a full wash by removing small spots by hand.<br>​<br></div>, Spot clean
Wash full loadsWash full loads<div class="ExternalClassF1C4CD90FFA04093B6377A8F7A4297B1">A full load means less water passing through your clothes, which reduces shedding. ​<br></div>, Wash full loads
Hang to dryHang to dry<div class="ExternalClass5E244181229E494E972C15B9E062FEC5">High temperatures in dryers weaken clothing fibres, which means more are broken off in the next wash. Hang-dry clothes when you can.​<br></div>, Hang to dry
Buy second-hand clothesBuy second-hand clothes<div class="ExternalClass275DA64B3A384D8DA6F464205DEAFF4E">New clothes shed most of their microfibres on the first few washes. Buying used clothes instead of new generates fewer microfibres overall. <br>​<br></div>, Buy second-hand clothes
Buy durable clothingBuy durable clothing<div class="ExternalClass2C19D89E989D4A75A0481458CD60B1DA">New clothes shed the most microfibres. Durable clothes need to be replaced less often. Check out <a href="" target="_blank">Think Thrice</a> for tips on how to make your clothes last longer.​<br></div>, Buy durable cothes
Laundry bags, balls and filtersLaundry bags, balls and filters<div class="ExternalClass0C1F378C5CED42B79021FAB0D0DF9A15"><p>These capture some microfibres, but there are limitations like cost, number of uses, and the need to dispose of captured microfibres into the garbage. ​<br></p></div>, Use laundry bags
Front load washing machinesFront load washing machines<div class="ExternalClass23F054A8187F48F0AC2720AA79FF1B72">Front load washers shed up to 7x fewer microfibres because they use less water and are easier on clothes.​<br></div>, Use front load washing machines


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