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Washing in cold

​What'​s so great about washing in cold?​

Cold water reduces microfibre shedding​

Washing in cold helps clothes last longer, fade less and reduces the amount of microfibres that shed from fabrics. Hot water is hard on clothes, causing more fibres to break off when they are washed and end up in our ocean.

Your everyday clothes will get just as clean

Cold water is fine for most clothes and other items. Thanks to advances in washing machines and detergents, cold water is an effective option for washing laundry. Delicate fabrics, darks, and colours actually do best in cold water.

A non-toxic product, like oxygen bleach, can also be used with laundry detergent to help sanitize fabrics in cold water. Some items, like cloth diapers, bedding and towels, may need to be washed in hot water if you feel the need for that extra clean.

No extra detergent needed

Modern detergents contain enzymes that work well in cold water. The Metro Vancouver region has soft water, so you can actually use less than the manufacturer’s recommended amount and still get good results.

Cold water can remove stains​

Many stains can be removed in cold water, but it does depend on the type of stain. This stain removal guide can help you deal with almost any stain.

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