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Region-wide, 30% of what we send to the landfill every day is food. Redu​ce your food waste with some of these helpful ideas.



Love Food, Hate WasteLove Food, Hate Waste<div class="ExternalClassCE54F169F38D471A9F502989B938E746"><p>Check out these simple ideas to <a href="">keep your holiday leftovers from going to waste</a>.</p><p>Fed up with leftovers? The most effective way to reduce food waste is to <a href="">make a plan and buy only what you need</a>.​<br></p></div>, Picture
Plan your holiday food shoppingPlan your holiday food shopping<div class="ExternalClassFD4643B683804B9287CFA3AD70DB262F"><ul><li>Check what you have at home before you shop<br></li><li><div>Make a list and buy only what you need​<br></div></li><li><div>Bring your own reusable shopping bags </div></li><li><div>Buy local meat and produce if possible</div></li><li><div>Shop in bulk to reduce packaging</div></li></ul><br></div>, Picture
Entertain in greenEntertain in green<div class="ExternalClass0C5C16C90BE147C2B085270A91E96438"><ul><li>Use reusable cloth napkins instead of paper</li><li>Use reusable containers for leftovers </li><li>Suggest that your dinner guest bring their own reusable containers to take leftovers home.</li><li>Remember to compost any unusable food scraps.​<br><br></li></ul></div>, Picture

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Wait! Before you leave, what’s one thing you’ll do differently this year to create less waste?

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