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Tips for Green-Binning

Food Scraps Recycling


​Ever wish composting was more convenient? Read on to see what’s green-bin approved and how you can make composting an easier, cleaner task in your household.



Make It Easy, Make It Easy Make It Easy<div class="ExternalClass19EBD261193F4D228354DA72FA503241"><p>Composting doesn’t have to be a chore. Use these tips to make it easier.</p></div>, bg-bue
Keep It Clean, Keep It CleanKeep It Clean<div class="ExternalClass358B8434122A41A28C32111A3EDBCD02"><p>Food scraps recycling can be messy business. Use these tips to prevent odours, avoid spills, and keep bugs at bay.</p></div>, bg-green
Plastics in the Green Bin, Plastics in the Green BinPlastics in the Green Bin<div class="ExternalClassA6942562BB2B417A84F97657E22273F1"><p>Here’s what to do with plastic items labelled "compostable" or "biodegradable."</p></div>, bg-orange
What to Do with Confusing Items, What to Do with Confusing ItemsWhat to Do with Confusing Items<div class="ExternalClass1F6C9E7F6608416D92C5DDE4F40F1217"><p>Do you ever wonder if something should go in the green bin?<br><br></p></div>, bg-purple
Refresh Your Recycling Room, Refresh Your Recycling RoomRefresh Your Recycling Room<div class="ExternalClass48254372C9CF4D2E9F245C15602304A6"><p>Learn how to turn your building’s recycling area into a more inviting and safe space.</p></div>, bg-bue
Set Up a Green Bin Program, Set Up a Green Bin ProgramSet Up a Green Bin Program<div class="ExternalClass40FE233520C04EEDA2F7E70C170AE564"><p>Learn about setting up a green bin program for your building.</p></div>, bg-green

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