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Green Bin Tools and Resources

Food Scraps Recycling


Have questions about​ food scraps collection in your area?

For most single-family households, information on curbside collection schedules of food scraps, garbage and recycling is availa​bl​e on municipal websites.

Some municipalities offer collection schedule apps for s​martphones to remind you of your next pick-up.

For multi-family homes, your food scraps may be collected by your municipality or by a private waste hauler. One way to tell is to look for logos or websites on the collection bins in your recycling room. Ask your property manager or contact your municipality for more information.​

Find information about food scraps recycling in your municipality​

Where to get a kitchen catcher

A kitchen catcher is a container with a lid that you use to collect food scraps in your kitchen. It can be carried to and from your larger green bin and easily cleaned. Many stores sell them, or residents can make their own (e.g. a lidded coffee tin, a large yogurt container, or a bowl with a plate on top). Use something you can line with newsprint and seal with a lid to manage odours.

Detached homes​



Backyard compostingBackyard composting<div class="ExternalClassC556A842B18149C2AFB2991BC73DF4E0"><p>Backyard composting is an excellent natural way to manage many of your food scraps on your own property. Need help? Contact staff at the City Farmer Compost Hotline at 604-736-2250.</p>​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end"></span><br></div>

​​​Apartments and condos​



Establishing a food scraps recycling programEstablishing a food scraps recycling program<div class="ExternalClass833F345DE6BF4E2EB54A263B40082A3C"><p>With the large variety of high rises, townhouses, low rises and other multi-unit residential buildings in the region, there is no single solution or recommendation to plan and establish a food scraps recycling program.</p><ul><li> <strong>Municipal Garbage Collection</strong><br><br> If you live in an apartment, condo or a townhouse with municipal garbage collection, your city may also offer food scraps recycling. Ask your building manager or strata to contact your municipality to discuss your property's eligibility for your city’s green bin program. <a href="/foodscraps/municipal-food-scraps-program" target="_blank" title="Municipal Food Scraps Programs ">Find information about food scraps recycling in your municipality</a>.</li><li> <strong>Private Garbage Collection</strong><br><br> If you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse with private garbage collection, ask your building manager or strata to contact your garbage hauler to discuss adding food scraps collection to the building’s garbage collection contract. There are many private haulers who will provide this service. The Recycling Council of BC maintains a list. Call 604-RECYCLE (732-9253).</li></ul>​<br>​<br></div>
Stickers for kitchen containersStickers for kitchen containers<div class="ExternalClass403C5503948B46C9ACCB77C59F2076DA"><p>A reminder of what’s in and what’s out for your residents’ kitchen containers. Print as stickers, or laminate and post.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> ​<a href="/services/solid-waste/CampaignDocuments/recycling-kitchen-catcher-sticker.pdf" target="_blank" title="Kitchen Catcher Sticker">Download PDF</a>​​<br></p></div>
Recycling signage and coloursRecycling signage and colours<div class="ExternalClass5F457254CF024EB09165CF3B961A8A1D"><p>Consistent use of recycling colours and icons increases recycling rates. Learn about the region-wide recommendations.<br></p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-link"></i> <a href="/services/solid-waste/recycling-signage-and-resources" target="_blank" title="Recycling Signage and Resources">Learn more about Rec​ycling Signage and Resources</a></p></div>
Worm composting brochureWorm composting brochure<div class="ExternalClassAF3E1E12651844349B92104B07C8275A"><p>Residents in apartments have successfully composted food scraps using an apartment-sized worm bin.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i><a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/worm-compost-brochure-2018.pdf" target="_blank" title="Worm Composting - Brochure">Download PDF</a></p><p>Contact <a href="" target="_blank" title="City Farmer - Worm Posting">​City Farmer</a> for tips, ideas, information and workshops about worm composting.​​​​​​​<br></p></div>
How to guide for apartments and condosHow to guide for apartments and condos<div class="ExternalClass5912AE185A66411D911F076B1A6D63A2"><p>Use this booklet as a step by step instruction guide as you plan a new food scraps recycling program for your building.</p><p> <i class="fa fa-file fa-light">​</i> <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-recycling-apartments-condos.pdf" target="_blank" title="How to Guide for Apartments and Condos - English">Download PDF (English)</a></p><p> <i class="fa fa-file fa-light">​​</i> <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-recycling-apartments-condos-chinese.pdf" target="_blank" title="How to Guide for Apartments and Condos - Chinese">Download PDF (Chinese)</a>​​​<br></p></div>
How many green bins does your building need?How many green bins does your building need?<div class="ExternalClass5D053864E69943098F65A5890E413CED"><p>Use this guide to estimate how many Green Bins your building may require. Number of bins may need to be adjusted over time to meet your building’s needs. Discuss with your collection service provider.</p><p> <i class="fa fa-file fa-light">​</i> ​<a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/green-bins-needed-for-buildings-estimate-guide.pdf" target="_blank" title="Green Bin Guide">Download PDF​</a>​​<br></p></div>
“How to use our food scraps recycling program” brochure“How to use our food scraps recycling program” brochure<div class="ExternalClass0ED189F5A7904D43AB177EFB35494278"><p>Print and fold this brochure to distribute to your residents prior to launching a new program. Check with your hauler to ensure that the information supports the program you have in your building.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-recycling-introductory-residents-brochure.pdf" target="_blank" title="How to use our Food Scraps Recycling Program - English">Download PDF (English)</a></p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i>​ <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-recycling-residents-brochure-chinese.pdf" target="_blank" title="ow to use our Food Scraps Recycling Program - Chinese">Download PDF (Chinese)</a>​​<br></p></div>
Sample food scraps collection planSample food scraps collection plan<div class="ExternalClass4C5472BDB5E54F2AB336EE309B595F1C"><p>A food scraps collection plan identifies:</p><ul><li>Roles and responsibilities (Who will contact the hauler or city to find out hauling options? Who will make decisions about informing residents?)</li><li>Timing (When can your building realistically be ready to start a full program? Is it reasonable to start a few floors at a time to build participation?)</li><li>Communication strategy (Will residents be informed with elevator notices, door-to-door introductions, a lobby meeting? How much follow-up information will be provided after the program is initiated?)</li></ul><p>For examples of food scraps collection plans, click the link below.</p><p><i class="fa-light fa-link"></i> <a href="" target="_blank" title="Vancouver Trash Talk">Visit Vancouver Trash Talk</a></p>​<br></div>
New food scraps recycling program – introduction letterNew food scraps recycling program – introduction letter<div class="ExternalClass66C3B3FC97664B708B75B02A9B37D687"><p>A letter that can be adapted for residents and posted in common areas.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i>​ <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-recycling-program-letter-template.pdf" target="_blank" title="Food Scraps Recycling Program">Download PDF</a>​​​​​​<br></p></div>
New food scraps recycling program – instructional posterNew food scraps recycling program – instructional poster<div class="ExternalClass890289FC5AF24A42904B89DBEE4B43D5"><p>Post on hallway or elevator information boards, or other common areas.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i>​ <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-recycling-lobby-poster.pdf" target="_blank" title="New Food Scraps Recycling Program - Lobby Poster">Download PDF</a>​​​​​<br></p></div>
Recycling room signage – food scraps and food-soiled paperRecycling room signage – food scraps and food-soiled paper<div class="ExternalClass7743F4F17F674E9BA4537B9AACCDA499"><p>Print and laminate this poster and tape to recycling bins or to the wall above recycling bins. Check with your waste hauler to ensure that the items listed on this poster match the items accepted/not accepted in your specific program.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i>​ <a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/food-scraps-garbage-room-poster.pdf" target="_blank" title="Food Scraps and Food-Soiled Paper">Download PDF</a>​​​<br></p></div>
Recycling room signage – no plastic bagsRecycling room signage – no plastic bags<div class="ExternalClass01B878EAA7244510A639DA9C7735405E"><p>"No plastic bags" icons. Print, laminate and tape these reminders onto lids or walls, or print them as a sticker.</p><p> <i class="fa-light fa-file"></i> ​<a href="/services/solid-waste/Documents/no-plastic-bags-bin-sign.pdf" target="_blank" title="No Plastic Bag - Signage">Download PDF</a>​​<br></p></div>



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