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Nutrifor 101

How Nutrifor biosolids create healthy soil

Nutrifor soil benefits

Nutrifor is a non-chemical, slow release alternative to conventional chemical fertilizer. Plants love Nutrifor because it’s full of the nutrients that create healthy soil and help plants grow.

What’s in Nutrifor

Nutrifor is made up of Metro Vancouver biosolids (Nutrifor is the brand name for our biosolids products). Biosolids are the organic material that is recovered from advanced wastewater treatment. This material is treated at high heat and broken down by microorganisms to eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce odours.

The end result is a rich, earthlike product that can be directly applied to land as a fertilizer or used as an ingredient to build soil.

How Nutrifor is made

How is Nutrifor made?

How Nutrifor is Used​

Metro Vancouver uses Nutrifor to landscape its own facilities and parks. For over 30 years, Nutrifor has also been used around the province to:

  • Rebuild soil and re-introduce vegetation to mine sites and gravel pits
  • Fertilize rangeland and hayfields
  • Make high-quality topsoil for landscaping
  • Create a soil that is placed on landfills to absorb methane gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions ​

How Nutrifor works

Nutrifor is full of the nutrients needed to create healthy soil. It can be used as a fertilizer or added as a soil amendment, like compost.  

Using Nutrifor:

  • Increases plant growth
  • Provides plants and soil with essential nutrients (like nitrogen and phosphorous) and micronutrients (like copper, iron, molybdenum and zinc)
  • Improves soil health by adding organic matter and creating a healthy environment for soil organisms
  • Makes soil better able to hold water, which reduces erosion
  • Can improve wildlife habitat and help restore ecosystems
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and the heavy use of energy and resources required to produce them
  • Stores carbon in the soil and helps plants take more carbon dioxide out of the air, which helps fight climate change

Plants and animals love Nutrifor

Plants and animals love Nutrifor. By helping to build soil, Nutrifor can ultimately help regenerate ecosystems and improve wildlife habitat. Ongoing research at one of our project sites is showing that areas fertilized with Nutrifor have more food sources for bird communities and other wildlife.

A sustainable solution 

Around the world, resources are becoming scarcer, more expensive and more environmentally costly to produce. Nutrifor reuses the valuable nutrients in wastewater and returns them to the environment, making it a sustainable, long-term alternative to conventional fertilizer.

​ ​

Interested in using Nutrifor?

Please tell us a bit about your project. Our staff will contact you to discuss your project needs.​​​​​​

How to get Nutrifor


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