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Environment and Sustainability


​​​How Nutrifor ​sequesters ​​carbon

How Nutrifor sequesters carbon
​​ ​

Nutrifor is a sustainable, long-term alternative to conventional fertilizer. Recycling nutrients back to the land can help us move to a more sustainable future where “waste” is used to create new materials and products.

Helps sequester carbon

Using Nutrifor increases the amount of organic matter in the soil, allowing it to absorb more carbon and reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Nutrifor speeds up plant growth, allowing plants to remove more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and establish more roots into the soil, which further increases the amount of carbon in the soil.

Recycles resources

As global resources become increasingly scarce, expensive and environmentally costly to produce, Nutrifor reuses the valuable nutrients in wastewater and returns them to the environment.

Restores soil

Nutrifor is rich in organic matter and helps to rebuild healthy soil and re-introduce vegetation to degraded land, like mine sites and gravel pits.

Less chemical fertilizer

Unlike chemical fertilizers, Nutrifor releases nutrients into the soil slowly so that they remain available in the soil for many years, reducing the need for additional fertilization. Chemical fertilizers also use a lot of fossil fuels during their production process, adding greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.

Restores ecosystems and improves wildlife habitat

Nutrifor helps ecosystems by adding organic matter, improving soil structure and water retention, reducing runoff and soil erosion, and stabilizing slopes. Areas where Nutrifor has been used support more plant life and wildlife.​



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