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Teacher Workshops
| Metro Vancouver



K-12 Field Trips and Programs, K-12 Field Trips and ProgramsK-12 Field Trips and Programs<div class="ExternalClass1D5B6917B01948898DA76EF04E5A970B">Experience-based field trips and virtual programs connect students to Metro Vancouver regional parks, watersheds, water, and waste facilities.​<br></div>
K-12 Resources, K-12 ResourcesK-12 Resources<div class="ExternalClass6A81DFC08E7F4291A5FD98D286F5DC98">Tools to support curriculum-connected teaching, learning, inquiry, and leadership with local sustainability priorities. ​<br></div>
Teacher Workshops, Teacher WorkshopsTeacher Workshops<div class="ExternalClass7D1395A59D354ED2A171EE17112867C4">Professional development workshops that explore strategies and tools to make sustainability meaningful, actionable, local, and fun. ​<br></div>
Youth4Action, Youth4ActionYouth4Action<div class="ExternalClass6C6C808F2587458B9EB9522389DCC43F">Youth leadership programs and events to inspire and equip high school-aged students, as leaders, to know, value, and take action for sustainability.​<br></div>




Professional Development in Your Community, Professional Development in Your CommunityProfessional Development in Your Community<div class="ExternalClassAC3CAF73BB834EE4BA3F0021C142D014"><p>​​Workshops for K–12 teachers exploring strategies and tools for outdoor experiential learning and local sustainability topics.​<br></p></div>
Regional Parks Teacher Workshops, Regional Parks Teacher WorkshopsRegional Parks Teacher Workshops<div class="ExternalClass795A0FD08CE148D5898F3DE68E7C6FFB"><p>Regional park interpreters help K–12 teachers use the outdoor classroom to connect students with nature and experiential learning.​<br></p></div>


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