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School and Youth Leadership Programs


More than 350,000 stu​​dents and 25,000 teachers work and play in this growing region. Metro Vancouver’s School and Youth Leadership Programs provide opportunities for teachers and youth to explore the role of how Metro Vancouver is working to create a sustainable region by engaging meaningfully with local priority issues through place-based experiential learning.

Get to know, value, and take action for sustainability through our engaging, curriculum-connected programs and resources that build the skills to create change at school and in the community.​​​​



K-12 Field Trips and Programs, K-12 Field Trips and ProgramsK-12 Field Trips and Programs<div class="ExternalClass131F945826944C2BB8C9D37C0CEA24E8"><p>Experience-based field trips and virtual programs connect students to Metro Vancouver regional parks, watersheds, water, and waste facilities.​​​​​</p></div>, K-12 Field Trips and Programs
K-12 Resources, K-12 ResourcesK-12 Resources<div class="ExternalClass2CF1F696D7CB40E2A459B02A63517754"><p>​​​Tools to support curriculum-connected teaching, learning, inquiry, and leadership with local sustainability priorities. ​</p></div>, K-12 Resources
Teacher Workshops, Teacher WorkshopsTeacher Workshops<div class="ExternalClass07BCE5EEF3334F6B950E9A3B0264D2A0"><p>​​​Professional development workshops that explore strategies and tools to make sustainability meaningful, actionable, local, and fun. ​</p></div>, Teacher Workshops
Youth4Action, Youth4ActionYouth4Action<div class="ExternalClassDABB77776E614C4087D399BB34A3B9DF">​​​​Youth leadership programs and events to inspire and equip high school-aged students, as leaders, to know, value, and take action for sustainability.​</div>, Youth4Action

​W​e mak​e sustaina​​bility topics and i​ssue​s personal, local, relevant, action-oriented, and fun

Our team of educators works strategically to maximize opportunities to engage, involve, inspire and support teachers, students, youth leaders, school districts and community partners to explore, collaborate, build networks, and integrate sustainability topics into schools and school communities. Central to the success of this work is building and maintaining strong relationships with school and district representatives. Our long-standing programs have been foundational in empowering learners with an understanding of how Metro Vancouver is working to create a sustainable region while providing tools and support to build the skills they need to create change at school and in the community.​

Looking to the future

Our work promotes a lasting understanding of sustainability and an ethic of care and responsibility as a prudent approach to protect and enhance quality of life, ecological health, livability, and sustainability — for this and future generations.​​​​



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