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Municipal Projects


Nutrifor has been used successfully in many projects throughout Metro Vancouver, including parks, wildlife habitat corridors, and restoration projects.

Metro Vancouver uses Nutrifor Landscaping Soil in its own projects, most recently in some of our regional parks. Nutrifor Landscaping Soil is the product we recommend for the majority of municipal landscaping projects.

Product details

Nutrifor landscaping soil is a locally produced, highly fertile topsoil that is well suited to a range of landscaping projects, including flower beds, lawns, native vegetation and trees. The soil is a blend of high-quality wood chips, sand and Metro Vancouver biosolids (biosolids make up about 20% of the soil).


Nutrifor landscaping soil is produced by a private company using Metro Vancouver biosolids. The cost varies depending on the project and location.

  • Municipalities within Metro Vancouver - As a service to its members, Metro Vancouver provides Nutrifor Landscaping Soil to municipalities at no cost, with the exception of delivery fees. Contact us to start the process and discuss your project needs.
  • Municipalities outside of Metro Vancouver - Municipalities outside of Metro Vancouver can obtain Nutrifor Landscaping Soil directly through the supplier and will pay the supplier’s rate. The supplier will confirm cost, product specifications and other details when you place your order. Please contact us for more details.

Our quality assurance program

All of our biosolids products are made using rigorous quality control processes and are tested throughout the production process. Nutrifor consistently meet or exceed the requirements of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation.

Municipal landscaping p​rojects​



Surrey Bend Regional ParkSurrey Bend Regional Park<div class="ExternalClass31BEDA6CF0164058B4AE0732198431E0"><p>This popular park was redeveloped to include hiking and cycling trails, a nature discovery area, naturalized forest, meadow, lawn areas and unpaved parking areas. Nutrifor Landscaping Soil was used throughout the park in gardens, lawns, playgrounds and other areas.</p>​<br></div>, Surrey Bend Regional Park
Moodyville Park Moodyville Park <div class="ExternalClass416D6FCFA1E141C3B093C285CB007B83"><p>Moodyville Park in the City of North Vancouver was expanded and revitalized in 2019. Over 1225 m<sup>2</sup> of Nutrifor Landscaping Soil was used to landscape the park and support over 400 trees and shrubs. The park is now a highly used community space, with playgrounds, picnic areas, a bike pump track and natural areas.</p>​<br></div>, Moodyville Park
Mountain HighwayMountain Highway<div class="ExternalClassF8AF42BE06C246A09E5B4121330B923E"><p>The Mountain Highway Interchange is the first phase of a larger revitalization of Highway 1 through Lower Lynn Valley to reduce traffic congestion. Nutrifor Landscaping Soil was placed in riparian areas and on slopes on both sides of the highway. Previously a somewhat unsightly swathe of brown soil, the area is now a site of thriving, green vegetation.​​<br></p></div>, Mountain Highway

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Interested in using Nutrifor?

Please tell us a bit about your project. Our staff will contact you to discuss your project needs.​​​​

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