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Green Gift Ideas
I’m giving my boss a case of locally brewed beer! Lisa
My dad always talks about adventure, so I’m going to surprise him with bungee jumping. Ha! Lena
I’m low on funds this year, but my friends always say they love my baking. So I’m making each of them a package of cookies. I hope they enjoy them with their families. Kalinda
I think I’ll paint winter scenes for my friends. Glenn
A few of us are pitching in to buy my niece a snowboard and lift tickets – and I’m going to teach her how to board! Judy
My wife will be thrilled that I thought ahead, this year I’m taking her to the Prince concert. Dan
For the past few years my family has agreed to exchange only "consumable" gifts - i.e. gourmet treats, wine,restaurant gift certificates, etc. Minimal waste, maximum enjoyment. Lynne
This year I'm giving a pair of pigs to a third world family - in my brother's name (tax deductible and easily done online through Plan Canada or World Vision) Mary
I'm treating my family to a night at the Symphony of Fire. Peter
I'm getting snowshoes for my husband, son and daughter as a gift that will keep on giving as we take our dog Beowulf on lots of fluffy snow hikes! Ann
This year im taking my girl friend that i've been with for 4 years to the daminican republic and proposing to her on the beach over some shampain ;) Ashton
Each year since leaving home, my mother has sent me “presents” of things I left behind or “things she’s found around the house”. Small things, from books and photos to accessories and dishes. It started off as a joke; but has turned into something very special. I look forward to receiving the mementos of our past but more importantly, hearing the stories that go with them. Sarah
I'm going to be sponsoring a pair of rescued turkeys at Farm Sanctuary for my grandmother, who loves animals. Becci
My bestt friends and I normally exchange Christmas gifts, but instead, this year we are skipping the gift-giving and celebrating by having a pot luck dinner and festive drinks together with our husbands. Cheryl
Don't forget to make a donation in the spirit of giving and philanthropy to a charitable ogranization, especially a Community Foundation. David Spence of Port Moody
Gifts expertly custom made from from scratch are my favourite. That way I can tangibly express feelings of appreciation for my loved ones. Greg
My grandchildren are each receiving gift certificates to the North Van Rec. centre programme of their choice. Donna
I give babysitting coupons to my briother-in-law every year. Not only does he get free babysitting but i get to spend some quality time with my nieces-without their parental units Judith Wheeler
Each member of my family choses a charity and the others make cash donations in their name. That way we help others and get tax receipts in return! Laurie
I'm taking my mum and mother-in-law for a fabulous dinner on a Carol Ship! I'm also giving my sister home made babysitting coupons. Claudia
I sew. I love to give coupons to friends for one hour of mending or sewing. It's amazing what you can get done in a hour. People love this gift. NOt only are you giving time, but you are often extending the life of a garment! It's a double green gift! Jean Prescott
An avid gardener might appreciate the gift of a community garden plot to a vulnerable family or senior, on their behalf. For gift ideas for artists, coaches, outdoor fans, foodies, and others on your list, check out: Esther Berube
If you know someone that loves to ski or snowboard what about a HitchWhistler Membership Card? Gives them loads of local discounts here and up the hill! Anne-Marie
One of the best gifts I ever received was from my best friend, Andrea. Knowing that I'm always rushing around with little time to cook, she made me a month's worth of delicious homecooked meals. I came home to a freezer and fridge filled with lasagnas, stuffed chicken breasts, and shepherds pies! All I had to do was pop them in the oven. Yum! Eddy Tan
My family is buying experiences while vacationing ie spa, hotel, dinners and golf! No shopping needed! Jordan
For the foodie who has everything send them iPhone app Tip This, the interactive master-class in fine dining crowning users Restaurant Royalty. Send it directly from the App Store to their iPhone/iPad and leave exhausting mal trips and litter to the Walmartyrs! Patrick Malone
Wrap your gifts in tea towels, seasonal guest towels or lovely fabric napkins. Diane
Save the comic section of the newspaper and wrap the gifts in that! We do it every christmas plus if your present can't be used right away you can always read the comics to fill the time! Rachel H
I give my seat to elderly people if I go with the Sky train or Translink, Make some hot tea and cookies and bring it to the the people in need,hug a stranger on the street and wish Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year. No garbage this way. Edit
Last year I bought everything second hand. It was so much fun visiting used book stores and thrift stores, and I could afford to get so many more clothes for my sister that way. Ann
We are giving my nephew and son two animal encounters (beluga and sea turtle) at the Vancouver Aquarium. Ann-Marie
I'm giving my sister a wild killer whale adoption from the Vancouver Aquarium. She just moved from BC to Ontario so this will be a little reminder of home. Even better the packages are made with recycled material and the money supports wild killer whale research. Meghan
One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was a gift card from my brother. Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Kiva works with microfinance institutions to lend money to people in underdeveloped country to futher their businesses such as farming, cloth making, etc. The people pay back the loan so you get your money back over time so you can lend the same money over and over again to different people in need. It's fantastic! Cheryl
I am giving my husband an IOU for a water taxi trip in False Creek and a trip to Granville Island to shop for dinner one night! Binky
We are taking our best friends to a holiday buffet brunch instead of buying more "things". Bobbi
Vancouver Giants tickets for the whole family. Beth
We'll be wrapping gifts in newspaper and giving 'gifts in a jar' (layered cookie mixes, soup mixes, etc. with recipes attached). I'll give homemade baked goods and some special experiences too! Elyse
The Stanley Park Ecology Society offers memberships for $15-$40 to connect you with nature in Stanely Park for an entire year! Also adopting an Eagle or Heron Nest for $48-$100 could inspire Green Angels. Ann Marie
This year I got my boyfriend French cooking lessons at The Dirty Apron. Alicia P.
This year our friends came over and hung new curtain rods and sewed the curtains. It was the first time in 2 years that we had curtains on our windows. It was the BEST present. Lea C
Instead of buying any gifts, I made my family & closest friends a fabulous dinner from scratch using only local ingredients that I got from the Winter Farmers Markets around the Lower Mainland. Everyone loved it! Christine Barham
ban wrapping paper . I DID Russ
Buy a piece of original art. They appreciate in value and support local economies. Gregory
I'm giving friends and family handmade babysitting punch cards...hoping the kids won't punch the babysitter. Dana
I'm knitting scarves and toques and painting boats and feathers onto rocks! Caitlin
Instead of exchanging presents, 5 of us are going to a cheap cabin where there's snow. Sam
My young son and I go walking daily and gather acorns and other gifts of nature, choose some (local) aromatherapy scents, deocrate a jar and give holiday potpourri. Son and I spend time together on lots of walks, our friends and loves ones get homemade gifts. Leah
Every year I give my friends a basket of homemade, organic preserves. They return the jars and baskets for filling up again the following year. No waste, no wrapping, no garbage! Chris
I'm buying all the foodies I know a container from The Tiffin Project - so that they can reduce their takeout waste in 2013! Ashley
I'm giving an experience to my brother: a session at an awesome music rehearsal studio (Soundhouse Studios) to make him feel like a total rock star!! Chris
As a family of four we decide which charity to support every year, two local and two abroad. For a unique gift: bake dog treats for your friends who are dog owners, arrange a walk in local parks or at local mountains to enjoy the snow and scenery. For young families - if you can afford it- give them a family pass to educational venues such as the Aquarium or Science World or just visit (no charge) your local ecology centre, park, library or community centre. As a gift: buy admission to a class for all ages to the one hard to please on your list. Go by their interests- like a cooking class for your spouse/child/friend who wants to get more proficient in the kitchen.then there are home-made jams, paintings, haircuts to offer, crafts galore that can be made as a not-store bought gift. Enjoy the process!and the feeling of gift-giving. Extend your gift-giving beyond your own family and give to needy folks who are not as fortunate as you and count your blessings. Andrea Winterbottom
Last year my boyfriend got me snowshoes for Christmas. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Sliding down Hollyburn peak after a great workout on the way up was one of the highlights of last winter. Can't wait to make more great memories in 2013. Krista
A Photo Scavenger Hunt! My family was all in different cities last year, so we each took turns coming up with "clues" (e.g., comforts of home), then everyone would go take pictures to "answer the clue". We then put all the pictures in an album to share and enjoy :) Meara
I'm telling everyone I'm helping the environment by giving absolutely nothing apart from one hour of my time every week in my area to pick up litter for recycling. Joshua
I'm donating to charity and giving everyone cookies with a cute tag that says I've donated to the David Suzuki Foundation. Because they don't need more stuff! Tovah
My extended family and I will be spending the weekend together downtown for Breakfast with Santa and Bright Nights instead of exchanging gifts!
I just saw your video on artificial vs real trees and I would like to suggest a better alternative that wasn't even considered. We reuse our real tree by keeping it alive in a pot in our backyard. We have reused it for several years now. Darlene
i am going to stop buying happy planet soup products that come come in a plastic bag!! works both ways
We made a peace crane tree this year .... Snipped 4 branches from locally growing red willow and decoarated it with 100 folded origami peace cranes ... Its beautiful ! Karen Clarker
We are supporting not giving garbage by offering gift certificates for employee incentives, friend and family gifts ... and we encourage our guests to support local shops, restaurants, spa services and activity rentals, like snowshoes & X country skis. Come to Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast for some R&R and beautiful sunsets! Linda
This year my potted Christmas tree will get a whole new life, going back outside after the holidays to be planted. Krystal
I'm giving as many disposable items away as possible, and I am going to use extra wrapping paper. Real Christmas Fan
I wrap the Christmas gifts in pretty tea towels. I have used re-used fabric "Santa Sacks" for many years, avoiding the need for wrapping paper. Elaine
I took my great nieces to MacDonalds for a happy meal and playtime, while their parents had two hours of free time. Brenda
I'm a culture lover and, 2 years ago, I decided to share my passion for theatre and dance with my family and friends. Everyone received a pair of tickets for an event I had picked for them. I got 2 rounds of thanks that year: one when they opened the gift and another one after they attended the show. Lot of joy, no waste. Esther
Just wondering how a tablet is a "green" gift. These images suggest otherwise: Elayne Linn
Card Hiba
who sang the music for the video Create Memories, Not Garbage Chad
Lasting memory; we supported this Commercial Drive parklet and will have our names engraved on a plank at Prado cafe! Great stocking stuffer starting at $10. Zero waste & creative! Cinnamon
Here is the link for a great stocking stuffer: Have your name engraved on a Plank and hung at Prado on the Drive all the while supporting the community. Cinnamon
Give a gift that will help people in the Lower Mainland through A gift to fit every budget...I gave to teachers and friends last year and they were a big hit! Kameka
My kids will be travelling to Europe after Christmas. My gift will be a historic tour of their choosing. ester
I think the perception of giving obama the opportunity to hold back fees helps make several impression being a bargaining chips. Along with my guess is the place into your market comes out regarding seminar together with the Senate, that will possess a provision which allows obama obtain that adhere, I do believe a necessary automatic expenses reduce ways you get in a huge fight with the other nations worldwide, who additionally shell out the Japanese, for example, shell out as up to perform. coach discount coach discount
This is an annoying campaign, period. No problem with a little less consumerism or ideas on non-purchased gift ideas but really? Do we have to suck the fun out of everything? Anti McScrooge
Just wondering if anyone knows who the artist is of the music playing in the ad (the home movies ad) - thanks! Corey
Re: who sings in the's a link to the ad: I hope somebody knows the song/artist...I've been trying to find out for weeks! Corey
I turned off my tv so I don't have to watch any more of those annoying "create memories, not garbage" ads Dave
eHealth provides rarely scraped their particular prospective on this marketplace, i have been viewing all of them because their Dpo overdue recently his or her value is becoming a lot more sensible. coach handbag usa coach handbag usa
I think people have accepted and are okay with re-gifting gift bags. So long, of course, you are not re-gifting the bag back to the person you got it from in the first place! Chris
A friend of mine gave me a jar of ready mixed cookie dough. Just add water and egg and put in oven. And I get a free jar for other uses in the future! Alex
You people are absolute assholes for playing this commercial through the first week of January. It is January 9 and at 9:17 tonight it played once again. You arrogant people at Metro Vancouver have squandered hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars by running this ad over and over. Ibitz
Today I sent an e-mail to Metro Vancouver to let them know of my disgust of running this commercial so often. I received a condescending e-mail addressing me by my first name. I rebuked the MV rep. for being so casual with me. Ibitz
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Behind the Scenes