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Notice of Bylaw Violation


Notice of Bylaw Violation Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication Bylaw

Metro Vancouver is developing a new bylaw called the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Notice of Bylaw Violation Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication Bylaw. The proposed bylaw will provide additional enforcement tools to encourage compliance with the existing bylaws that protect our regional wastewater system.

The new bylaw proposes:​

  • Penalty amounts of up to $500, depending on the violation
  • Discounted penalties for early payment and surcharges for late payment
  • A discounted penalty for entering into a compliance agreement
  • A process for disputing violations

Encouraging bylaw compliance

Metro Vancouver is developing the bylaw to have a simple, cost-effective system for enforcing bylaw violations. This new enforcement option on wastewater discharge contraventions follows a consistent approach with an existing Metro Vancouver bylaw that enforces its regional parks, air quality, and electoral area bylaws. The new proposed bylaw, if adopted, will encourage compliance with the following wastewater bylaws:

  • Sewer Use Bylaw (regulates discharge of waste into the sewage system, to protect the environment and human health, safety and infrastructure)
  • Sani-dump Bylaw (requires the registration of sani-dump facilities and for sani-dump operators to only accept waste from recreational vehicles)
  • Trucked Liquid Waste Bylaw (regulates discharge of high strength wastewater that cannot travel through the sanitary sewer system)
  • Fermentation Operations Bylaw (requires small fermentation operations, such as breweries, to remove solids from wastewater and monitor and control the pH of cleaning and sterilization wastewater, prior to discharge into the sewer system)
  • Hospital Pollution Prevention Bylaw (requires hospitals to develop pollution prevention plans to reduce the discharge of pollutants such as pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and biomedical waste into the sewer system)
  • Food Sector Grease Interceptor Bylaw (provides sizing and maintenance requirements for grease interceptors in food sector establishments, to prevent grease from entering and damaging the sewer system)

Types of violations of existing wastewater bylaws include:

  • Failure to meet a main requirement of the bylaw
  • Failure to provide reasonable access
  • Violation of a monitoring requirement
  • Failure to have adequate treatment
  • Failure to pay fees​
  • Failure to keep or provide records

The complete list of violations of existing wastewater bylaws that will be designated for the notice of bylaw violation process will be included in the proposed bylaw.

​Penalties associated with notices of bylaw violation will add to existing compliance and enforcement tools that include education, warnings, violation notices, and prosecutions. To further encourage bylaw compliance, Metro Vancouver may publish information on the Metro Vancouver website about notices of bylaw violations issued to corporate entities. Metro Vancouver will not publish personal information.​

Implementation of the proposed bylaw​

Metro Vancouver will bring the proposed bylaw to its Board for approval in May 2024 and will notify interested parties if the bylaw is approved.

If approved, the bylaw will be in effect immediately, but Metro Vancouver’s enforcement officers will carefully consider the circumstances of each violation before issuing any notices of bylaw violation. Enforcement officers will continue to focus on education and warnings when violations are first noticed.

Please contact us at ​​ with your questions about the proposed bylaw.



Proposed Process for Issuing a Notice of Bylaw ViolationProposed Process for Issuing a Notice of Bylaw Violation<div class="ExternalClass8D62CBF814664CDC84DAB3B472AAA4BE"><ol><li>Following a violation of an existing bylaw, an enforcement officer will have the discretion to issue a notice of bylaw violation and corresponding penalty. This new enforcement tool will supplement education and warnings. Penalties for contraventions designated under the proposed bylaw may be up to a maximum of $500, including any surcharges for late payment.</li><li>The entity to whom the notice of bylaw violation is issued can choose to pay the notice of bylaw violation penalty or dispute the notice.</li><ul><li>If paying early, a discount may be applied</li><li>If paying late, a surcharge may be applied</li></ul><li>After a notice of bylaw violation penalty has been paid or not successfully disputed, Metro Vancouver may publish information about the notice of bylaw violation including the company name on the Metro Vancouver website.</li><li>An officer may issue a new notice of bylaw violation for each day a violation continues.<br></li></ol></div>
Disputing a Notice of Bylaw ViolationDisputing a Notice of Bylaw Violation<div class="ExternalClassDC0E53172EB144BAB6D2C5848345D060"><ul><li>The process to dispute a notice of bylaw violation will be described on the back of the notice of bylaw violation.</li><li>The dispute must be started within 14 days of receiving the notice of bylaw violation.</li><li>If the disputed notice of bylaw violation is upheld by a Metro Vancouver screening officer, the notice of bylaw violation will be brought before a professional and non-judicial adjudicator who will determine if the bylaw violation occurred or not.</li><li>If the adjudicator determines the violation occurred, payment of the full penalty associated with the notice of bylaw violation would be required, along with an adjudication/administration fee. If the violation is determined by the adjudicator to have not occurred, there will be no penalty or adjudication fee.<br></li></ul></div>

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